CEO, Master Stylist

Hi, I am Beth. I am so blessed to say that I am the proud owner of three salons belonging to the Hair Body & Sol family; Hair Body and Sol, in Vista, HBS Revolution, in Carlsbad and HBS Serendipity in Ketchikan, Alaska.

I believe in entrepreneurship and the American dream. I believe I am successful because I found a way to turn my greatest passion into a career. Not everyone follows their dream though… And not everyone feels beautiful either; but I’m on a mission to change that.

I grew up on a farm in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. I always wanted a sister that I could put makeup on and play dress up with; instead I got three brothers that shot bottle rockets at my ‘My Little Ponies’, and their GI Joes blew up my Barbies. Still, I saw beauty in any direction that my eyes decided to wander. I would put mascara on horses thinking that it would make them feel beautiful. I would braid the hair on a cow’s tail to make them feel sassy whenever they would swat away flies. My family hoped I would stick to my southern roots and follow in their footsteps and become a teacher, that just didn’t feel right.

At eighteen, I was swept off my feet and married to my high school sweetheart, Brian Whitfield. A few months later we found ourselves leaving everything that we knew and moving 3,000 miles out West to San Diego, California on Marine Corps orders. We have called San Diego our home ever since.

I fought the urge to be an artist and climbed the corporate ladder as a software trainer after I had become the youngest Mary Kay director at 19, since I had a lot of time to fill when Brian was deployed overseas. One morning I found myself having breakfast with a friend when I felt a jolt of lightening shoot up my spine. I wanted to be passionate and excited about my profession, and nothing else made me feel more alive than those moments as a little girl on the farm that wanted to make everything beautiful. It was at that moment that I announced that I was going to build a salon empire. But first I had to get through Cosmetology school.

It took months of pestering the landlords of this new development near my house to give me a lease for a new salon until they realized I wouldn’t take no for an answer. My dream of creating a breed of salons where I could create beauty and share my discoveries; it would be a place I could open my heart to other visionaries who share my dream of making everyone look and feel beautiful and it was all going to start with Hair Body & Sol.

I emptied my 401K account and sold all my Krispy Kreme stock to start the build out. Suddenly the voice in my head said ‘I feel like I’ve met the real you for the first time.’ That was over 10 years ago and now I have the honor of sharing my passions with the artists at our three HBS salons.

Coming from a family of teachers, I had an inherit nature to teach, it was something that came naturally to me. There is nothing I believe in more strongly than sharing knowledge. I auditioned to be an educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS). In 2006 I earned the title and began fulfilling my other passions in education as Premiere National Color Educator for JPMS, platform artist, motivational speaker, and business coach.

Through the years, my ambition and lack of fear have afforded experiences that I have a hard time believing are reality. I have had the opportunity to do hair and make up behind the camera and in front of the camera for many celebrities and productions and runway shows, including being the featured artist in a hair and business training DVD series. I have been able to do hair on the red carpet for major events such as the Emmy’s and the Oscars, I have had my work published in many different fashion magazines, such as Vogue. I was a finalist for a North American Hairstyling Awards my first year entering. The harder I work the luckier I get!

Although education plays one of the most influential roles in my life, the driving force behind the success of HBS is the family that we have developed in the process, both with our stylists and our clients. That is my favorite aspect of my career, my HBS family!

I am so blessed to have found a business that encompasses the passion for all that I do; a passion I know you will see and feel when you visit me or any of the hair artists at any of the Hair Body and Sol family of salons! Come on in and meet the family!

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Beth is a certified master stylist and colorist.
10AM – 8PM
By appointment only.