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Was I meant to have long hair?

Long HiarWere you meant to have long hair or is it just because your husband/boyfriend/significant other likes long hair?!

Grow long hair because it’s beautiful, not because someone else wants you to.

Granted it is true that if you ask most men if they prefer long hair, they will say yes…but if you asked the same men if they prefer Barbie-figured women, high heels, or going commando, it’s the same answer. We roll our eyes at the shallow visual images of what they find sexy, yet struggle daily with a style that is not our own.

Most women prefer comfortable shoes, soft forgiving fabrics in our wardrobe, and underwear that doesn’t ride or pinch. When was your best hair of your life? Sometimes I ask a client to bring me a photo of the time that they liked their hair the best so I can get an idea of what style or color is on her mind. Sometimes it is a 30 year old picture. We have to remember that our hair is made out of the same matter that our skin is and our hair ages and leaches minerals just like the rest of our bodies. There are some women that digest such a high level of protein and have such amazing genetics that blesses them with a head full of thick hair their entire life. For most of us, that is not the case; it gets finer, thinner, and less manageable with each passing decade.

So here’s the deal. Wear the hair that is right for your face and hair type. Your man will recognize the sexiness of a sassy confident woman! Just to clarify, I don’t believe that any certain age dictates the color or length that your hair should be. I am all for long hair at any age if it is healthy J

Some of my other posts will help you get that hair in good condition for the long road ahead, but for now let’s determine whether it suits you…

Factor #1: Density. Keep fine hair at a length that is not “see-through”. Cut those squirrely ends bluntly to make it look thicker. If you need more coverage, grow out those layers to one length in the back.

Factor #2: Breakage. All hair is more vulnerable at shoulder length and below. Those “in between” styles and lengths are more difficult because of the age of the hair (avg. hair grows ½” per month, so hair that reaches your shoulders is at least 2 years old!). Shoulder length hair needs more frequent trims especially during the cooler months because the friction against our scarves, sweaters and coats strip the ends of precious moisture and wear the protective cuticle away.

If your hair is breaking and splitting, take some extra vitamins (Pre-Natals DO work!) and trim the ends before it breaks even shorter or starts an unwelcomed shedding phase. Texturizing with razors or Thinning shears is a no-no. Stick to blunt cuts with very sharp shears to prolong the life of your locks.

Factor #3: Face shape. I consider long hair to be perfectly acceptable regardless of face shape; it is the style or the shape of the layers that is influential. For example, a long face needs bodifying layers on the sides and possibly a heavy fringe to soften harsh lines. That being said, if the density will be compromised by taking some length off the top, then the back will get scraggly and see-through.

Factor #4: Body geometry. Long hair draws attention down. Maybe that is not where your best features are. Horizontal lines will add width to your frame, whether it is on your shirt or the cut of your hair. The geometry of your haircut should enhance the shape of the face as well as the body.


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