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Little Miss Sunshine – Positive Thoughts from Beth.

HBS-Lil-Miss-SunshineSome people call me Little Miss Sunshine because I always seem to dance from place to place. I work in a busy hair salon and I get to smile at about 150 people a day on a slow day… I may even be the one to make their day. It’s not that I am happy all the time, but I truly wish happiness for everyone I come in contact with. The best way I know to spread that is by contagiously smiling!

I love to smile. I consider myself too young to have laugh lines but I will embrace each and every single one if they represent a happy year of my life or a happy day I brought to someone that reached out to me.

My life for the past 12 years has been a conscious expression ‘little things’ and exuding positive energy. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by individuals that are so thirsty for inspiration and rays of light, that at times I leave work so weak from their insatiable ardor that I can barely walk. I am happy to give it. It will be how they remember me.

As entrepreneur and best selling author Harvey Mackay said, “Little things don’t mean a lot. They mean everything.”
Know that every day your ultimate success, fulfillment and happiness will come from doing the little things that matter. I ask myself on a regular basis what I can do to raise the bar in my professional and personal life. If I can maintain a positive mental attitude at work, knowing that attitude is a choice and that choice may very well be the only one within my control today!
I would love to share with you some of my “little things” that make a huge difference in my world. Try them in yours. There are thousands of tried-and –true solutions to fixing a bad day, a bad mood, or turning that frown upside down – even if you have to fake it. What’s the worst that can happen?

Demonstrate Love at work:

There are days that I count backwards from 10 before I even get out of the car, but from the moment I touch the door handle at ‘the office’ I am in an unshakably good mood!

☺ I try to be the first to greet people – Introducing myself first is proactive & helps new people entering the room feel more comfortable and demonstrates interest in them. We have a rule at work that when someone walks in and you are the first person they make eye contact with, then it is your job to welcome them.

☺ Offer people you meet a warm greeting and a proper handshake “A good, firm handshake demonstrates confidence and makes a good impression.” My granny always told me to shake an adversary’s hand firmly with fingers rigid; a colleague with a firm embrace, and a man’s hand palm down to see if he is a gentleman! And a friend should be hugged instead of shaking.

☺ Offer a friendly genuine smile- a great smile radiates warmth, puts people at ease and makes you likable. Acknowledge the people around you with a smile or a nod if you aren’t within appropriate distance to say ‘hi’.

☺ Make comfortable eye contact- your eyes send messages; establishing and maintaining eye contact with people demonstrates confidence, respect, and genuine interest. I smile with my eyes more than I realize and I forget that some people are not accustomed to be looked in the eye when we speak.

☺ Use someone’s name – everyone likes to hear and see his or her name. I am horrible at remembering people’s names, but you would never know it. I make it a point to repeat their name every chance I get so it is burned in my memory.

☺ Say please- make it a habit to use the word please EVERY TIME you ask someone to do something for you even if they are paid to do it. Express your appreciation- say “thank you” to everyone who does something for you even if they are paid to do it.

☺ Be unselfish and put others first- it could be letting the man with a gallon of milk and a pack of gum pass me in the grocery store line or as simple as holding the door open for someone.

☺ Try to catch someone doing something right. A word of encouragement is sometimes all a person needs to build confidence – or at the very least they may keep doing the deed you gave them recognition for.

☺ Say something positive to others about another person- reverse gossip.

☺ Proof your email, text or posts- it is vital that the content of your brand portrays professionalism and attention to detail.

☺ Turn off your phone at the table and in meetings- even though your phone may not make sounds, your eyes and attention will be diverted from the other people and your lack of attention demonstrates disrespect. Turn off the notifications that are bugging those around you.

☺ Repeat your phone number twice when leaving a voicemail- speak slowly and deliberately without filler words

☺ Write things down – conversations, reminders, messages, appointments…it prevents you from forgetting things that are important. I make it a point to write the date and name of the person I spoke with when leaving messages. I am held accountable in my occupation for being thorough and professional, and I will certainly hold someone accountable for taking my time.

☺ Speak with enthusiasm and energy in your voice- no one likes to be around people who are “dead, dull and lifeless.” Smile when you are on the phone. It’s funny, but true that you can hear a smile in someone’s voice.

☺ Walk with a bounce in your step- it’s evidence of an energetic attitude that ultimately leads to success. Be conscious of the sound your steps make. Pick up your feet when you walk to avoid that sloppy scuffling sound.

☺ Look for the good in others and tell them what you see- you have the ability to bring out the best in people, especially when they may not know it themselves.

☺ Say goodbye- make a good last impression.

Love at home:

Make it a point to say the words “I love you” to the people in your home every single day. My husband and I say ‘I love you’ each time we get off the phone and when we leave each other for the day, even if we don’t feel like saying it we still love each other and changes the mood once it’s said. Worse yet, God forbid, what if something happened to one of us on the way home and it wasn’t the last thing we said to one another?!

Get up and walk into the other room to speak to someone, rather than yelling.

Put the toilet seat down.

Turn your head and cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

Click the LIKE button on someone’s Facebook post- it’s an easy way to demonstrate interest.

Use Post it notes for chores and to-do lists. Multi-task without feeling overwhelmed by a legal size list and feel accomplished quickly! Crossing items off and throwing it away is instant gratification!

Take a clipboard around your house to write down chores/maintenance/ideas, and inspiration. I really get into it and highlight the least expensive “fixes” or the least time consuming projects so I can fit those into my week nights without having chores looming over my head on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Leave an occasional Love note on the bathroom mirror, steering wheel, computer, etc. Bonus point if it’s on a Post-it note so that he won’t expect each one he sees to be a ‘honey-do’ list!

Pack a lunch – little kid style – with the little sandwich baggie portions use stickers and write a silly note inside. Make it for your family or even yourself…it will bring a smile every time to whomever opens it.

Ask for a hug when you really need one. Is someone really going to turn you down? I am a very good hugger because I love to be hugged. I also get a kick out of hugging people – I analyze them as though it were a handshake.

Little things mean a lot, it may be cliche, but it’s a fact. Enjoy the little things life has to offer that we tend to over look each and everyday.

I love everyone.

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