Life Makeovers

Being a part of the Hair Body & Sol family means so much more than having your hair and beauty needs cared for by the most talented, skilled and educated professionals in the industry. Coming to HBS means you too get to make a difference in your community, in your own life and also in the lives of others.

Hair Body & Sol has partnered with “Becky’s House” of the YWCA of San Diego. Becky’s house is an organization founded to shelter women and their children who have suffered from domestic violence and abuse to learn more go to We at Hair Body & Sol closes for the day so to give these ladies our undivided attention as they receive a full make over, head to toe! A new look for a new life free from domestic abuse and violence! With your help, together, we will make a positive change in the lives of those who have come into some unfortunate situations and circumstances.

Most are coming from dire conditions-abused women, children and families living in ugliness of fear. Our desire, our goal is to show these courageous ladies just how very beautiful the truly are from the inside out!

Hair Body & Sol – Awaken Your Natural Beauty!

2014 Life Makeovers

Hair Body & Sol’s Life Makeover Event-2014


2013 Life Makeovers

FoxNews Coverage of the HBS Life Makeover Event

News Coverage – Life Make Over Event


2012 Life Makeovers

Life Makeover Event

2011 Life Makeovers

Life Makeover Event – year 1

Life Makeover Event – year 1

All our loyal HBS family members get to feel the pride knowing that by being a part of Hair Body & Sol you are making a real difference! We have some amazing promotions for our loyal HBS family members scheduled throughout the year! As a HBS family member you are making a difference not only in your own life but in your community and in the lives of others! This beautiful event is only one of many you can participate in as a HBS family member!


Even if it is your first experience with HBS, we look forward to welcoming you to the exclusive HBS family! This is your chance to be a part of an amazing salon family while also being a part of something much bigger than just a salon. By being a part of the HBS family you will be helping to give these beautiful ladies of Becky’s House and others from one of many other non profit and charitable organizations we work with, helping those whom may have never been able to experience beauty without you. Help increase the self esteem and self worth of those whom may have forgotten or worse yet may have never known how beautiful they really are. With your help, together we can spread the gift of beauty by helping others awaken their natural beauty from the inside out. Together we will help others see that there is hope, there are those who care, as we do at HBS. Our goal is to assist everyone we can to find a beauty in themselves that they have either forgotten they have or never knew existed.


A portion of the proceeds from all your HBS experiences help to make events as the “Life Makeovers” and many other “giving back” events possible. Book your next appointment with the artists of Hair Body & Sol so to awaken your own natural beauty while helping those in need awaken theirs!



Give the gift of beauty to yourself and to others. Be a part of the HBS family and be the change you want to see in the world.