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We believe that devoting yourself to train in a particular specialty area gives you an industry edge, providing you with an expertise that raises the quality of your art. The HBS training program concentrates on 12 areas of specialization, and customized education based on the desires of the individual artist.

We ENCOURAGE YOU, the professional to be the authority in hairdressing and presenting innovative merchandise in a welcoming environment, backed by exceptional customer service. More importantly, our guests must love their experience in the chair… not only the result, but artistic approach, design, the and style enough that they feel compelled to recreate a small part of the HBS experience at home.

The key difference that makes Hair Body & Sol Salon so special is our commitment to great style and customer service. Our guests notice the team based atmosphere – service provided by real people serving people.  There is no room for ego here, we enjoy our art and dedicate our skill for our clients benefit. The culture of HBS salons is one of respect. We’ve understood from the beginning that we couldn’t exist separately from the community and world in which we do business. We strive to make a difference every day by making smart environmental choices as well as supporting causes that care for humankind and our animal neighbors.

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