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Color add-on services from $10 – $55

*All prices are starting prices, prices may be higer or lower based on consultation*


The Sampler

Add some bling to your hair without becoming a metal head.$10 per foil

Mai Tri

mall triangles create “ribbons” of dimension to any color.$8 per foil

On Tap

A geometric kiss of color to accent your features, play peek-a-boo, or strategic tinsel coverage.$25-$50+

TopShelf TopCoat

Lock the shine into your dry tresses with a protein-rich Shines ® demi-permanent topcoat.$35-$55+


Hold the salt between touch ups!  This shot of color will cover your part and hair line.$35

Ink Manicure

Color me bright!  Intensify your color with a “polish change” for your hair.$25